Insect Control & Fragrancing



An established and profitable business operating in SA for 16+ years. Specialising in reliable automatic insect control and fragrancing systems (using only effective environmentally friendly products). The business also has the ability to a sell a range of bathroom hygiene products.


Operates mainly 5 days per week - it is home based with customers called upon at regular intervals.


Enjoys a high percentage of recurring business with a diverse custom base mainly within the hospitality, aged care and child care centre industries, plus supplies a number of retailers and like businesses. The product is also sold to the domestic market.



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This exciting service industry provider keeps on growing as business operators become more compliant due to industry regulations and guidelines set out through OH & S policies and procedures.


Trading for 16+years, this business has many long established customers serviced on a regular basis, which equates to repeat custom every month.


Currently operated by one owner full time, one sub contractor and one part time admin/stock dispatch person, this business has the ability to grow in both the commercial and domestic markets.


All products have quality ingredients and are effective - testimony to this is the sound customer base this business has.


Here’s an opportunity to own and operate a highly profitable business with further growth potential!


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