State of the Market

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'State of the Market'

October 2020


The enquiry rate for businesses has been constant for the past several months, despite global setbacks. Potential Purchasers are cautious understandably and some business owners/potential Vendors are unsure if now is the right time to go to the market.


As there are numerous variables in businesses, it’s not always clear if and when one is to sell or buy a business. We can help you with your decision making process.


Now more than ever, Vendors will need to keep an eye out on how they are trading. If they have experienced a downturn in turnover, then they must work towards regaining sales/income. Most of the businesses I have for sale are still operating well and some have experienced an upturn in turnover due to the products/services supplied and also because of their good reputations.


As I have written previously, record low interest rates is also making it more attractive for Purchaser's, although, "bricks and mortar" is a must as security.


To all potential Vendors out there - we can assist with the process to ensure that you are ready to go to the market place and can advise on how best to maximise the sale price of your business.


Potential Purchasers, research the business you are looking at buying and seek sound commercial advice - we can also advise you if you are buying a business through another Business Broker or privately.


Currently we have been very busy providing advice to both Vendors selling privately and to Purchasers either buying privately or through another Business Broker. Our rates are fair and our expertise and research we do on a business could be most beneficial prior to making or receiving an offer.

Remember - Businesses that are established, have a good trading history and are profitable usually attract buyers and in most cases will end up selling.


Whether you are considering selling your business or if you are in the market place to buy, give us a call for a no obligation chat.


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Even though other Business Brokers might have similar trading names to 'Adelaide Business Sales Pty Ltd'  and try to emulate us, we are the "real deal".

Therefore, if you need to contact 'Jeff Romanowski - Adelaide Business Sales Pty Ltd', then you are on the right website. 


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