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Some exciting news from Revenue SA..........


" As part of the State Budget 2015-16 stamp duty will be abolished on business transfer instruments executed on or after 18 June 2015".


This is brilliant news for Purchasers of businesses, as the savings they'll be making can either go towards negotiating the sale and purchase price with a Vendor or can be put into capital improvements for the business they are about to buy. For more details, go to:


"Out of a negative - comes a postive"....with reports of the mining industry slowing as well as certain areas in manufacturing, a number of first time business buyers are appearing, keen to secure their future. I also continue to deal with current business owners looking for suitable 'bolt on' businesses. 


For any business owners looking at now selling, businesses that are profitable and have a market niche usually sell for good sale prices and in most cases, both.

To all potential Vendors out there - I can assist with the process to ensure that you are ready to go to the market place and can advise on how best to maximise the sale price of your business. With potential Purchasers, research the business you are looking at buying and seek sound commercial advice.

Remember - Businesses that are established, have a good trading history and are profitable usually attract buyers and in most cases will end up selling."

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