Restoration and Pickers Investment Opportunity



Here’s an opportunity to become involved as an Investor. You’ll also be able to part take in the day to day running of this business.


For many years, the owner of this fledgling business has researched ways to transform unloved relics into shining exhibits and potentially make profits along the way, from….cars, trucks, farm machinery, boats and pinball machines - just to mention some!


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An extensive amount of research and planning has been done by the owner re: getting this business up and running and how to generate a R.O.I. - which is outlined in a detailed business plan.


Currently discussions are in place with a handful of Australian celebrities and a number of State and National Organisations (which have indicated support) re: the launch and continued promotion of this venture.


As an Investor, you will obtain a share in this enterprise and will have the ability to oversee its operations.

For more information on this unique opportunity, contact Jeff etc……


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