MUST BE SOLD ASAP! (By the end of February)??




This Florist is stunning looking shop located on the popular Jetty Road at Brighton.


Known for only selling fresh high quality flowers and plants and for its modern and stylish arrangements. Needless to say, this brilliant business enjoys an excellent reputation.


Has the ability to be run with minimal staff.



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This business attracts local ‘cash and carry’ customers, has regular corporate clients and also has a name for ‘in vogue’ wedding flowers and styling.


 T.O. $200,000 + p.a. and generates an attractive net profit, particularly for an owner operator. (Closed for the month of January).


Here’s an opportunity to own an established and profitable business. The site could also appeal to a variety of other retail uses - (subject to Lessors/Councils consent).      


Enquire without delay, as this business will sell. For more details, go to Contact below…….