Cleaning and Airbnb/Accommodation Bookings

PRICE : $90,000



Offered for sale is a business specialising in accommodation bookings (Airbnb) and the cleaning of houses and apartments.

This business can be run with minimal owner input.

Accommodation reservations are made online with a fee for service paid upon securing all bookings.

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T.O. $400,000 p.a. (approx.) from bookings, generating $44,000 net profit p.a. (approx).


T.O. from the Cleaning Business is $120,000 p.a. approx. Estimated net profit to an owner operator will be $34,000 p.a. with an additional net profit of around $8,000 p.a. from supplying linen.


The cleaning of houses and apartments usually forms part of the booking process, thereby generating a guaranteed income.


This business would appeal to an owner operator or could be integrated with an allied company.

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M.R.E.I. RLA 60043